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What is Wing Chun?

According to Chinese historians said that Wing Chun is a style of Kung Fu, originating in Southern China during the Chin dynasty in the 17th century.

The Wing Chun system was developed by a Buddhist Nun her name was Ng Mui, who revolutionised this combat system of close quarter combat styles of fighting.

She developed a system of self defence that used speed and skill to overcome opponents dealing with refined movements keeping kicking techniques below the waist level. Most of the attacks are straight lines attacks at different angles.

Ng Mui passed down her knowledge to her only student Yim Wing Chun, after whom the art is named and with every generation the system was refined and adapted to make it more efficient.

It was later brought to the attention of the martial arts world in Hong Kong by a man called Yip Man. The later grandmaster then passed it to one of his famous students Bruce Lee in which the art become very famous in the west.